The Art of Murder is an immersive escape room / alternate reality theatre game. You and your friends investigate the murder of a wealthy dowager in her amazing art filled home. You’ve got a limited amount of time to build a case by finding evidence, solving riddles and discovering what really happened on that fateful day.



1.     How many people per session?
Anywhere from 2-6 friends can play together. If you’re desperate to bring more people, ask and we’ll see what we can do!

2.     Is there an age limit?
We recommend the Art of Murder for adults but under 18s can come in the company of an adult guardian.



1.     How long is The Art of Murder?
From go to woe the entire experience should last around an hour and a half.

2.     When should we arrive?
Aim to arrive five to ten minutes before your booking time.

3.     So it’s an escape room? Yes, in the sense that there are puzzles to solve in a special environment but escape is not your goal. You’re instead gathering clues and solving the crime. You can wander out at any time – if you’re happy to let someone get away with murder!

4.     Is The Art of Murder wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the space is wheelchair accessible (like all good mansions.)